About The Jesus Hotel

An interview with Torben Søndergaard about the Jesus Hotel in Denmark, Aalborg.

What is the Jesus Hotel?

The Jesus Hotel is a mini-hotel in Aalborg, Denmark, where people from all over the world come, for a few days, for a weekend, or for a kickstart-weekend that we have every month. Or they come to stay for two months or longer for our 2 months Training School. We have seventy beds here and now we also have other houses nearby where the staff lives. The best description of the Jesus Hotel is a family, it is a New Testament church, where we are equipping and training disciples.

How did it start?

We were in another city in Denmark, called Herning and God spoke to us one day and said, move to Aalborg. And we were like, ”why should we move to Aalborg”? We did not expect God to say that and we did not have money to move and to get a place, but we knew it was God. We then saw a house on the internet that we could rent, but it costed a lot; it costed about $20,000 to take over the house and we did not have that money. But I knew it was from God and the next day, when I woke up there was $20,000 in our bank account! It was a strong confirmation, I have never experienced that before! We then went to Aalborg and looked at the house. When we were there we also contacted the man who gave us the money to say thanks. The man, Peter, was a famous former soccer player in Denmark, now a businessman and we connected that day. He started to help us and support us, and now, instead of the house we have rented, he has bought a mini-hotel, plus three houses where co-workers can live. He is the fulfilling of a word, a prophecy I got eight years before. The prophecy was that we were going to go through a desert to learn to be dependent on God and not on people, but now our pain is over and God is going to lift us up, and a famous businessman in our country is going to come and support us, and everybody who hears it would be surprised.

Now this businessman, Peter Rasmussen has opened the doors for us to have a place in Denmark, where we can train and equip people from all over the world. And now you are also hearing this story, as the prophecy said.

The Danish newspaper wrote an article about this story. If you click here you can read it in English.

What is the vision for the Jesus Hotel?

The Jesus Hotel is the best discipleship environment that we have ever seen. We have already seen people come from the street, get born again, get baptized in water and Holy Spirit, and after one month, they are already out there preaching and teaching other believers and leading other people to Christ. We can see that this is what the New Testament church is all about. A few months ago I was in Zürich, Switzerland where I got a prophecy about this, where God spoke to us that we should start different centers all over the world. One of them was Australia, where we have now started the first place. And the idea is to have a Jesus center, Jesus Hotel, all over the world, in every country, where Christians can come and hear the gospel, get equipped, get kickstarted, and then sent out again. Out of those hubs, those Jesus Hotels, there will be teams going out in the country, teams going out with the gospel. And the fivefold ministry will also be going out from there, equipping the saints and preaching the gospel.ry, many people all over the world have heard this story and this is where they are now.

The vision is to have Jesus Hotels all over the world!
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